Family Activities

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Street Art Tour

Explore Venice Beach and all the street art it has to offer. From famous artists to the ever-changing art walls, there are endless murals and art pieces to witness with new ones posing up every day.

Venice Canals

Take a trip to the historic Venice canals. The four original canals from Venice’s founder Abbot Kinney. The original vision when he created is what we call Venice of America.

Abbot Kinney

Take a ride up Abbot Kinney and enjoy fine dinning and world class shopping. Named after Venice’s founder, Abbot Kinney, this street was named the trendiest street in America. You might even meet someone famous!

Santa Monica Pier

No trip to LA is complete without a stop at the world famous Santa Monica Pier. Experience the rides at Pacific Park and the legendary ferris wheel. Grab some food and enjoy the beautiful views of Malibu and the Pacific Ocean.

Will Rogers State Park

As you pass Santa Monica at the the end of the bike path, you will find Will Rogers State Park and Beach. On the edge of mailbox, this place is one of the most beautiful beaches in SoCal.

Mothers Beach

Take a cruise with the family over to Mothers Beach, where u can paddle board, kayak, and grill out. With children play areas and amazing views of the Marina and million-dollar boats, this is the must-see location for any family.

Marina Del Rey

Take a tour around beautiful Marina Del Rey on the bike path. Marina Del Rey is the largest man-made marina on the west coast. You can easily get lost in the moment riding along, enjoying all the amazing boats and beautiful views.

Fisherman's Village

Make a stop at Fisherman's Village on the far side of the marina. Fisherman’s Village has shopping, music, and boat rentals - plus it's a great place to stop for a delicious ice cream on a hot summer day.

Muscle Beach

Check out the world famous Muscle Beach. The place that made stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou "The Hulk" Ferrigno. Muscle Beach is still alive and full of new potential and up-and-coming talent - maybe you’ll met the next Terminator!

Venice Pier

A trip to Venice isn’t complete without a trip to the Venice Fishing Pier. Not only does this pier have amazing views, it harbors an amazing collection of local bars and restaurants that make the city an attractive tourist spot!